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"You saved us."

When a major healthcare manufacturer was let down by its IT partner, a word-of-mouth referral encouraged their team to turn to Solugenix. The challenge? To help them stabilize operations across nine departments in just 12 months.

We helped them achieve their goal in half the time, while bringing in over 100 new staff. They later shared how profound the impact was, saying "You saved us."


Reducing Costs by Emphasizing Excellence

OneWest Bank had an offshore help desk with more than 45 customer service agents; although it fit their budget, they were struggling with escalations.

In an effort to prioritize experience over headcount, we moved their operations to Southern California and performed the job with just 25 agents, improving their service quality and saving them money in the process.

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Specializing in the "Impossible"

This manufacturer of healthcare products had a support desk that was struggling with a slow training process, high employee turnover and daily escalation calls about extensive wait times. 

With Solugenix's help, their team was answering calls right away. Ten years later, we were consulting in six additional facets of their business. 

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Designing Hand-in-Glove Solutions

We built a trusted relationship with a leading service provider for the mortgage and real estate industries. When their CTO started his own company, he remembered the results we delivered for his team and decided to partner with Solugenix on his own venture.   

As a team that understands the challenges of a start-up, we aligned our services to his needs and built a product to his specifications; once it hit the market, the impact was so strong that his company was acquired first by Optimal Blue and then by Black Knight — with our partnership remaining intact through both transitions. The product, a loan-trading platform used by many professionals in the mortgage industry, remains a well-known market leader.

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Leaders Since the Beginning of the Tech Industry

Back when IBM and Burroughs were focused on selling hardware and throwing in software and services as an afterthought, Solugenix was the first company to specialize in software development and services.

We take consulting for granted today — leaders expect to hire professionals — but nobody was charging for services in the 1970s. We were born in the winter and developed the hardy roots of a survivor. We had to learn how to deliver incredible value to land and retain clients and survived by taking responsibility when others take orders; leading when others follow.

From the beginning, we knew that our people and service-oriented culture were our greatest assets. By leaning into these strengths and never wavering, we've managed to maintain a stable team in an industry where the average tenure is just 2.5 years. And in an industry where the average firm is less than 7 years old, we've survived for more than 50. That stability has granted us an unmatchable level of experience and process maturity that clients feel.

With more than 1,200 employees, we're large enough to rise to any challenge, but remain small and independent enough to right-size and deliver true partnership.

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