An "Impossible" Turnaround in Help Desk Efficiency

About the Client


Our client manufactures systems that help protect patients against sources of healthcare-associated infections. They're a leader in infection prevention, dedicated to creating the products, solutions and processes needed by practitioners to protect patients during their most critical moments.


The Problem

Before Solugenix, our client's support desk was: 

  • Managed using a combination of outsourced services and internal staff
  • Struggling to meet SLAs and staff-retention goals
  • Receiving daily escalation calls from customers regarding extremely long wait times and incompetent agents

Plus, their training cycle took 6 to 8 months to produce agents who were up to speed. With some employees leaving before the end of the cycle, it was an uphill battle to establish a solid team.

Our Solution

We spent three months in-house with their team to observe their day-to-day practices, then came up with a transformation plan that could be put into action either by their team or with the help of Solugenix. 

At their request, we led a 90-day test run to turn our plan into reality. Two weeks in, a parent-company executive called "our" support desk as a test during a board meeting and received an immediate greeting from a support agent. He was floored at the caliber of experience, having initiated the call expecting to make the opposite point.

Our Results

Solugenix eventually took over operation of the entire help desk. Almost a decade later, we've grown to consult with in six other key facets of their business. A manager we worked closely with said he initially thought our task was an impossible one — but that's our speciality!

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